Monday, November 8, 2010


OOOOO!!!! YUMMYUMMY!!! I'm so stoked! There's a new candy store in town! I'm on the high road to DIABETES! haha Everyone knows my love for candy( i carry around lollipops on the regular and I gave my date a lollipop when we first met!) Ohhhh man. SUper stoked this evening I get some alone time so of course I'm going to draw, Watch my Rocky Bullwinkle box set again ( the remaining episodes I didn't get to last night and Daria) Upon entering the candy store I was surprised to see it wasn't overflowing with loud little kids jumping up and down tugging at their parent's clothes to buy them CANDY CANDY CANDY!
I had the whole place to myself and I also heard they were looking for a creative director for the shoppe! I jumped at the chance and asked the gentleman sitting at the register. He said he wasn't sure about the position offered and proceeded to ask me if i was an artist. I responded, "YES!" and he told me about a new gallery wall that needed ownership! I was soo happy to hear he wanted to check my work out and we exchanged info. He also asked me if I didnt freestyle (drawing/painting live in front of people) I told him yes that I am a cartoonist (...hehe gettin there i hope!) and I would be up for the event! Hopefully we can work together to set up events and art openings and DJ nights!!!
SO my soundtrack of the evening will be:
This is the B-side of 1910 Fruitgum Company's 1,2,3, RED LIGHT. I freakin LOVE IT TO DEATH!!
Its soo good and so different from the raging hormone harmonies that these barely legal musicians had performed on various other singles. I also aquired a sweet waxy mustache I can chew and wear... You know.. the added accessory you should never be without... CANDY!!!

I will be posting some artwork soon and will leave you with this wonderful youtube clip of my fave single. G'nite babies!! xoxo

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  1. Hi Ophelia
    Im Trish
    Musically we have stuff in common.Its hard to read your blog though with the purple and blue combo!Feel free to read my blogs when time permits
    Peace and Love