Monday, November 8, 2010

1910 Fruitgum Company - Sticky, Sticky


  1. Follow-up to your last post: I heard snippets of Kimono My House from radio sites (not as romantic as vinyl-hunting I admit, but I'm pressed for time and record stores where I'm at these days). It is now my #1 Ideal Xmas Present. Thanks for sharing your love for Sparks so unsuspecting others like myself might catch it!

    This is fun too, but I don't get the same headrush of giddiness. Mayhap I've been waiting for a headrush of giddiness for so long that Sparks made more of a difference. Anyway, thanks. Hope the candy store turns out fantastic!

  2. Oh wow. Thank so much! didn't think anyone read this thing! yeah i am totally going to be blog djing some of the great stuff i have in my collection! I like your blog a lot! thanks mike!