Sunday, December 26, 2010

messy xmas!

Sooo I really don't like xmas. It bums me out to the MAXXX.
I was physycially abused pretty heavily as a child and it was always around this time.
I'm not relaly on speaking terms with a family member right now and I'm trying to be positive about all the great things going on in my life. I like to cut out the people or things that want to infect me with vicious negative energy. I've been soo happy and grateful to be working on new projects and working towards a new career goal.
HERE I COME 2011!! I'm starting the year off by going on lots of trips around the country. I want to make art based on my experiences and get in touch with friends I haven't seen etc.


Friday, December 17, 2010


Break is here and I'm totally stoked to work on my own drawings and art projects! I will update later on how the Gstring Massacre event was... because it was soo freakin awesome i dont have time to write mynovel about it right now!
I'm super stoked on a new crush and my heart flutters everytime i think about this person... arrrrgh
<3 <3 here is a drawing of me as Baby Bubbleyum:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

bored and drew Honey Bear...<3

Keep On Thrifting!

So I managed to buy a shit ton of awesome stuff in preparation for the show on Saturday including some sweet new clothes for myself in the process!
I managed to hit the jackpot of VHS goodies with some sweet new tapes like these:
Super stoked with my final grade for my speech class. I was able to passout gumballls while playing "bubblegum music" in the background and passing around my reference records and playing the Bubblegum Dance from Archies Cartoons Series.
Totally do not want to go to work but gotta save up money somehow! Im going to do an in depth review of the Sugar Bears soon... I love vinyl dammit!

Monday, December 6, 2010


MY FIRST TRIP THERE.... HOPEFULLY GOIN AGAIN WITH MY GIRLFRIEND MELANIE.. Went with my Best friend scott first though becuase it was total spur of the moment.,...


AGH! So this week is probably one of the most stressful week of the remaining year!!??! ITS FINALS WEEK well mostly the end of the quarter. The weekend was amazing. It was spent going to a parting gifts show that was truly dance-a-riffic!
Tonite i danced my ass off rehearsing for my BURLESQUE show this saturday! I'm doing a special bubblegum burlesque show in honor of my love of this very special genre.
Bubblegum music was seen as an extremely commercial genre back in the day and the two men who were considered the pioneers of such genre was: KASENETZ AND KATZ. The term "bubblegum" came around when the record exects were actually chewing bubblegum while the bands would record because it seemed to go along with the ooey gooey sticky sweetness of the songs being recorded!A lot of the bands that recorded were mostly singing about sleazy love affairs and what today would be considered creepy and perverted but man oh man did they make sound super catchy and amazing! Whats funny is that a lot of the songs were written by a super talented teenage female prodigy! Who'duh thunkit! I love this genre so much and have been collecting records since I was 16 years old (started with punk,thrash, oi! and rock n roll). I'm really happy to have a growing collection.
I'd really like to start a Cartoon Rock n Roll DJ nite!! that would be soo much fun!!!

 With my new band the Bam Bams I am trying to do just that. Break the rules and make it super catchy and FUN!!!! OOO. What if I made the Bam Bams cartoon characters.. Im totally gonna do that for sure!!! woohooo! It sounds totally lame and stupid but MY DREAM is to put out a record. To play on a record would be so awesome. I want to work hard at everything I do. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. I hope to continue to work on my solo stuff and put out a couple records and tapes soon. Im never going to give up playing music. I want so much to make an impact in this fuckin world! haha. I want people to hold hands eat candy and dance their asses off!

I went thrifting the other day and here is an awesome flag I found that will be hanging outside my house because its amazing! : Cutest mickey eatin an ice cream cone!

So I'm also looking forward to having my break from school because then I can officially work super hard on all the illustrations I want and all the projects that need their loose ends tied!
I'm sad to say I'm super lovesick and I'm starting to believe its totally my fault. Argh. I wanna fall madly in LOVE and hope that I will allow myself to once again. I've just been screwed over by so many sleazebags I NEVER EVER trust men and think they are all gonna screw me over but what can ya do?
ahhh AMORE


Captain Caveman - Mystery Town

watchingn while inking

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron

totallym got this 45 along with others by the Royal Guardsmen at the same baltimore thrift shop! <3
suuuper cheap!