Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Darkwing Duck Intro (English)

Started thinking about buying the Darkwing Duck series as i fucking loved the cartoon as a kid and recently watched some episodes on Youtube while I was inking today.... 

I'm a Delinquent... and I'm Proud

Damn dude. Another week gone by... So much time passes before me its wild! I can't wait for practice tonite I'm super stoked because I've written new songs and can't wait to show the ladies!
I love antique.thrift shopping and I'm stoked to have been lucky enough to find some really outrageous things. like:

I can't wait for the weekend as I am going to be dressing up and the only thing I have to worry about for my costume is the eye patch! I'm going to be the wonderful  christina lindberg from THRILLER: They all her ONE EYE.

Christina in an easy costume!
How easy is this fuckin costume?!

I ran into an old friend of mine last night and I think I'm going to draw and write a comic about him. He's  got stories about being in the "throes of his addiction" and "crazy things have happened to me",  he began to explain to me last night. Crazy what life throws you.
Also thinking about what desert I want to make for 
Amanda's dinner tomorrow night! I'm super stoked about it and cannot wait! 

Hopefully tonite I can DJ some awesome glam records I haven't heard in a while and start a little podcast show or somethin...

AGH!!! Gotta get everything together for the burlesque show!! eep! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm thinking about sewing an outfit like this too... mrrroowww
Totally posting this right now because I am an insomniac! I haven't had a good sleep in forevers and I think I'm going to start drawing and listen to my Boyce and Hart 45s. I had a pretty sweet weekend and I am super stoked to start updating my blog with cartoon craziness, music madness (rock n roll and sweet pop!), and my adventures... Somehow I think they are interesting enough to write about.