Sunday, November 7, 2010


I couldn't agree more with the title of this blog.
I've got this stinging pain that feels like little eruptions in my heart.....

But then I breathe and think about better things. Sweet things as they appear...
I recently read that Alex Anderson (creator/cartoonist) of Rocky and Bullwinkle died in late October @ age 90. How the hell did he make it that long? Yeeesh. Tonite I will be watching my collection of Season 3. 

This weekend was a delight. I got to see Roky Erickson with my besties at Black Cat! i was joined by the beautiful tara, amanda, adam and adam. I was soo excited to see Benjy Feree. I really enjoy this duo so much. His voice sounds like early Russell Mael or Freddie Mercury... in other words very glam based. I loved the pounding drums and they did an amazing cover of "So Young" by the Ronettes. :swoon:

I also had the pleasure of showing Adam around the town. We stopped by Second Story Books in Dupont Circle where we explored the aisles of books, posters and jazz titles all around the store. I found a hardbound copy of Baudelaire's FLOWERS OF EVIL. I would have bought it if I wasn't such a penny pincher!! I did manage to buy an old children's book:

Tonite i was daydreaming during lab hours at school... I dreamt up new ideas for my cartoon characters and the thought of revisiting the "S" section of my record collection. I was in the mood for a relaxing bubble bath so I set myself up completely to be relaxed and to brainstorm some lyrics for another Bam Bams inspiration:

Another great thing about today is I finally found the Bearsville SParks/Halfnelson (Halfnelson was SPARKS before they were sparks. this record was produced by none other than Todd Rundgren '71) record I had been searching for FOREVER!! at my favorite record store.... I could not believe it would turn up! After removing my Rock n Roll Dubble Bubble record from the turntable (finally) I decided it was high time I play the first Sparks album from start to finish... this only inspired me to play the first three Sparks records in my possession and eat my banana splits candy. This sunday was so relaxing and productive.. I will lose myself to the great sounds of the Mael brothers.


  1. Benjy Ferree eh? Thank you for bringing these guys up. Found a few clips on YouTube just a second ago, and already I think their music is so 'blime. Gonna look into Sparks, as my musical inclinations get poppier by the day...

  2. Hello Ophelia,

    There's another Sparks (or rather Halfnelson) album prior to their official release. You can find details on it at and if your interested, I'd be pleased to upload this recording for you. Just let me know.

    Best wishes,