Sunday, December 26, 2010

messy xmas!

Sooo I really don't like xmas. It bums me out to the MAXXX.
I was physycially abused pretty heavily as a child and it was always around this time.
I'm not relaly on speaking terms with a family member right now and I'm trying to be positive about all the great things going on in my life. I like to cut out the people or things that want to infect me with vicious negative energy. I've been soo happy and grateful to be working on new projects and working towards a new career goal.
HERE I COME 2011!! I'm starting the year off by going on lots of trips around the country. I want to make art based on my experiences and get in touch with friends I haven't seen etc.


Friday, December 17, 2010


Break is here and I'm totally stoked to work on my own drawings and art projects! I will update later on how the Gstring Massacre event was... because it was soo freakin awesome i dont have time to write mynovel about it right now!
I'm super stoked on a new crush and my heart flutters everytime i think about this person... arrrrgh
<3 <3 here is a drawing of me as Baby Bubbleyum:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

bored and drew Honey Bear...<3

Keep On Thrifting!

So I managed to buy a shit ton of awesome stuff in preparation for the show on Saturday including some sweet new clothes for myself in the process!
I managed to hit the jackpot of VHS goodies with some sweet new tapes like these:
Super stoked with my final grade for my speech class. I was able to passout gumballls while playing "bubblegum music" in the background and passing around my reference records and playing the Bubblegum Dance from Archies Cartoons Series.
Totally do not want to go to work but gotta save up money somehow! Im going to do an in depth review of the Sugar Bears soon... I love vinyl dammit!

Monday, December 6, 2010


MY FIRST TRIP THERE.... HOPEFULLY GOIN AGAIN WITH MY GIRLFRIEND MELANIE.. Went with my Best friend scott first though becuase it was total spur of the moment.,...


AGH! So this week is probably one of the most stressful week of the remaining year!!??! ITS FINALS WEEK well mostly the end of the quarter. The weekend was amazing. It was spent going to a parting gifts show that was truly dance-a-riffic!
Tonite i danced my ass off rehearsing for my BURLESQUE show this saturday! I'm doing a special bubblegum burlesque show in honor of my love of this very special genre.
Bubblegum music was seen as an extremely commercial genre back in the day and the two men who were considered the pioneers of such genre was: KASENETZ AND KATZ. The term "bubblegum" came around when the record exects were actually chewing bubblegum while the bands would record because it seemed to go along with the ooey gooey sticky sweetness of the songs being recorded!A lot of the bands that recorded were mostly singing about sleazy love affairs and what today would be considered creepy and perverted but man oh man did they make sound super catchy and amazing! Whats funny is that a lot of the songs were written by a super talented teenage female prodigy! Who'duh thunkit! I love this genre so much and have been collecting records since I was 16 years old (started with punk,thrash, oi! and rock n roll). I'm really happy to have a growing collection.
I'd really like to start a Cartoon Rock n Roll DJ nite!! that would be soo much fun!!!

 With my new band the Bam Bams I am trying to do just that. Break the rules and make it super catchy and FUN!!!! OOO. What if I made the Bam Bams cartoon characters.. Im totally gonna do that for sure!!! woohooo! It sounds totally lame and stupid but MY DREAM is to put out a record. To play on a record would be so awesome. I want to work hard at everything I do. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. I hope to continue to work on my solo stuff and put out a couple records and tapes soon. Im never going to give up playing music. I want so much to make an impact in this fuckin world! haha. I want people to hold hands eat candy and dance their asses off!

I went thrifting the other day and here is an awesome flag I found that will be hanging outside my house because its amazing! : Cutest mickey eatin an ice cream cone!

So I'm also looking forward to having my break from school because then I can officially work super hard on all the illustrations I want and all the projects that need their loose ends tied!
I'm sad to say I'm super lovesick and I'm starting to believe its totally my fault. Argh. I wanna fall madly in LOVE and hope that I will allow myself to once again. I've just been screwed over by so many sleazebags I NEVER EVER trust men and think they are all gonna screw me over but what can ya do?
ahhh AMORE


Captain Caveman - Mystery Town

watchingn while inking

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron

totallym got this 45 along with others by the Royal Guardsmen at the same baltimore thrift shop! <3
suuuper cheap!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Bam Bams - First Song performed at First Show Ever

My fave new band...THE BAM BAMS!!!

agh...totally stoked on monday..its soo weird but im happy as a clam!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

You Had Your Chance - Banana Splits

i love this saturday morning show... and their record! xoxo more on my bday extravaganza soon too! xoxooox

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dee Jay & The Runaways - Peter Rabbit

my favorite 45 spinning right now

Little Boy Blue

I've been super busy with this upcoming holiday season and couldn't be happier. WHOA. Just had a sweet dinner eating burgers and fries with my fave gals from school. I was pleased to hear my first serial killer illustrations was well receieved and I'm taking time to finally work on my own ideas for cartoons.
I've experimented with a few styles and I am finally becoming comfortable with my own style!
Its soo exciting. I got myself an early Bday Present:

LANCELOT LINK!!! Sweet chimps band and old Saturday morning series.... Got the LP and stoked!

With everything going on I've managed to still have the time to dance my pants of to great tunes. Tonite I'm sharing this one from Deejay and the Runaways. Hasn't left the player this week and I'm super stoked to have found it after many a search in many record stores.

Wednesday BDAY plans are as follows:
 I'm going to diligently work on some illustrations tonite for Pogo the clown... everyone's favorite clown! haha Gacy style....
ARCHIES MARATHON: FUCKIN RIGHT. Its amazing and its super entertaining. I was fighting my saturday sickness withan Archies marathon via record player and T.V. set. Plan is to dress up as Veronica for wednesday so I must go thrift shopping tomorrow! sooo exciited!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So i just submitted this design to my friend Noel @ Novelty He's the best at the turnaround for making 1inch buttons and he's the guy i use! check out his other flyer work at these sites aongwith buttons:

Sugar Toothie

I freakin swear the people at the candy shoppe are going to know me like the back of their freakin hand... (trying hard not to cuss these days)... So i think im replacing FUCK with FERK! or EFFIN! OR FREAKIN! 
Had the best weekend ever! I really haven't had a weekend that felt like a vacation in forever. I had band practice with the lovely BAM BAMS. We worked really hard on our set and worked out the kinks to a few new songs and I can't wait to book shows!!! After that me n Ivy Bam Bam (drummer extraordinaire) decided to head over to the Golden West with Mr. SAVAGE! ( have to write his last name in caps... come on with a name like that!!) to see some pretty sweet bands that are local MULTICULT, and some band from NY that i loved (think Black Sabbath on mushrooms with heavy leads!). ooh ooh! before all this though I had a wonderful afternoon date with my girl Ashley. We caught up on elementary school days and realized our lives pretty much mirrored each other in a lot of different ways. It was awesome reconnecting with an old classmate. We had never been close friends but the fact that we can relate to so much of each others lives makes it really awesome and rad.

So.... Saturday was met with a wonderful movie outing to see DOGTOOTH. This film is a DARK comedy about 3 siblings who are homeschooled (and totally fuckin oops! crazy) and live under the delusional reality their parents (especially their dad) have set up for them. It definitely worth going to the movies for. It really reminded me of the same delusion efforts of Haneke, Noe, and the director of Happiness (can't remember off the top of my head).
After the movie a nice neighborhood walk and bubblegum chewing was in order!
Adam and I headed over tot he grocery store where i bought things to prepare an amazing dinner. We stuffed our faces and decided to head out to REACTION! where the lovely Amanda was djing. 
REACTION is a monthly party my favorite female DJ AMANDA OTTO puts on and often hosts the party with a show and/or dance party. I really recommend it to any local looking for a fun time or any out of towner that happens to be in the area on a Friday looking for some heavy garage stompers, psychedelic dreamboat wiggling and giggling. SHE PLAYS THE BEST STUFF!
Later I decided it was time to add to the delusional film quest my mind was seeking and netflix streamed ANTICHRIST. One of the best films I saw this year (i think or last year??) Its by Lars Von Trier and it has had many a controversy surrounding it since it premiered! TOtally amazing and I really can't give anything away about because it  is a must see for yourself!!! Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe are freakin amazing!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Groovie Goolies 123

Definitely Thinking about getting a tattoo of the groovie fuckin goolies!!! soo stoked!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

1910 Fruitgum Company - Sticky, Sticky


OOOOO!!!! YUMMYUMMY!!! I'm so stoked! There's a new candy store in town! I'm on the high road to DIABETES! haha Everyone knows my love for candy( i carry around lollipops on the regular and I gave my date a lollipop when we first met!) Ohhhh man. SUper stoked this evening I get some alone time so of course I'm going to draw, Watch my Rocky Bullwinkle box set again ( the remaining episodes I didn't get to last night and Daria) Upon entering the candy store I was surprised to see it wasn't overflowing with loud little kids jumping up and down tugging at their parent's clothes to buy them CANDY CANDY CANDY!
I had the whole place to myself and I also heard they were looking for a creative director for the shoppe! I jumped at the chance and asked the gentleman sitting at the register. He said he wasn't sure about the position offered and proceeded to ask me if i was an artist. I responded, "YES!" and he told me about a new gallery wall that needed ownership! I was soo happy to hear he wanted to check my work out and we exchanged info. He also asked me if I didnt freestyle (drawing/painting live in front of people) I told him yes that I am a cartoonist (...hehe gettin there i hope!) and I would be up for the event! Hopefully we can work together to set up events and art openings and DJ nights!!!
SO my soundtrack of the evening will be:
This is the B-side of 1910 Fruitgum Company's 1,2,3, RED LIGHT. I freakin LOVE IT TO DEATH!!
Its soo good and so different from the raging hormone harmonies that these barely legal musicians had performed on various other singles. I also aquired a sweet waxy mustache I can chew and wear... You know.. the added accessory you should never be without... CANDY!!!

I will be posting some artwork soon and will leave you with this wonderful youtube clip of my fave single. G'nite babies!! xoxo

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I couldn't agree more with the title of this blog.
I've got this stinging pain that feels like little eruptions in my heart.....

But then I breathe and think about better things. Sweet things as they appear...
I recently read that Alex Anderson (creator/cartoonist) of Rocky and Bullwinkle died in late October @ age 90. How the hell did he make it that long? Yeeesh. Tonite I will be watching my collection of Season 3. 

This weekend was a delight. I got to see Roky Erickson with my besties at Black Cat! i was joined by the beautiful tara, amanda, adam and adam. I was soo excited to see Benjy Feree. I really enjoy this duo so much. His voice sounds like early Russell Mael or Freddie Mercury... in other words very glam based. I loved the pounding drums and they did an amazing cover of "So Young" by the Ronettes. :swoon:

I also had the pleasure of showing Adam around the town. We stopped by Second Story Books in Dupont Circle where we explored the aisles of books, posters and jazz titles all around the store. I found a hardbound copy of Baudelaire's FLOWERS OF EVIL. I would have bought it if I wasn't such a penny pincher!! I did manage to buy an old children's book:

Tonite i was daydreaming during lab hours at school... I dreamt up new ideas for my cartoon characters and the thought of revisiting the "S" section of my record collection. I was in the mood for a relaxing bubble bath so I set myself up completely to be relaxed and to brainstorm some lyrics for another Bam Bams inspiration:

Another great thing about today is I finally found the Bearsville SParks/Halfnelson (Halfnelson was SPARKS before they were sparks. this record was produced by none other than Todd Rundgren '71) record I had been searching for FOREVER!! at my favorite record store.... I could not believe it would turn up! After removing my Rock n Roll Dubble Bubble record from the turntable (finally) I decided it was high time I play the first Sparks album from start to finish... this only inspired me to play the first three Sparks records in my possession and eat my banana splits candy. This sunday was so relaxing and productive.. I will lose myself to the great sounds of the Mael brothers.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I totally had thee best weekend ever this weekend! Friday started off with an early dismissal from class in order to embark on my journey of picking up my check and getting that shit cashed! I had a late band practice with the my new band: The Bam Bams and decided to call it an early night and head home. 
Saturday was a day of facial treatments, scrambling costume makin and putting together my sleeping bag full of goodies. I stayed with my girlfriend Jamie and we dressed up for halloween and to see the Zeros! One of my all time favorite LA bands. They played with the FISHNET STALKERS AND SICK WEAPONS (BALTIMORE'S OWN). I danced the whole night, gave out hugs and plenty of kisses and hung out til the wee hours of the morning!
The next day I awoke to meet up with Adam and go get a cuppa joe and walk around Hampden. Adam was trying to get me to go record shopping but I immediately declined, knowing I would spend my entire paycheck immediately upon entering ANY record store. So instead we walked to a couple of antique stores and settled for the bargain bin 45s. 
HOLY SHIT! I found some bubblegum gems and some all around great pop to add to my collection. I find the super rare and hard to find single" Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army" by Capt. Groovy. If you don't know about this single it was originally supposed to be a cartoon show that never went into production. Sadly this single was I believe the only thing that came out of it :(. I'm super lucky to have found it and I definitely paid way too little for it!
I'm going to take a break before I continue to work on my flyer for the SHIRKS, BITERS show coming up in a few weeks. phew... soo much to update so little time!




enjoy the pix kiddies!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Darkwing Duck Intro (English)

Started thinking about buying the Darkwing Duck series as i fucking loved the cartoon as a kid and recently watched some episodes on Youtube while I was inking today.... 

I'm a Delinquent... and I'm Proud

Damn dude. Another week gone by... So much time passes before me its wild! I can't wait for practice tonite I'm super stoked because I've written new songs and can't wait to show the ladies!
I love antique.thrift shopping and I'm stoked to have been lucky enough to find some really outrageous things. like:

I can't wait for the weekend as I am going to be dressing up and the only thing I have to worry about for my costume is the eye patch! I'm going to be the wonderful  christina lindberg from THRILLER: They all her ONE EYE.

Christina in an easy costume!
How easy is this fuckin costume?!

I ran into an old friend of mine last night and I think I'm going to draw and write a comic about him. He's  got stories about being in the "throes of his addiction" and "crazy things have happened to me",  he began to explain to me last night. Crazy what life throws you.
Also thinking about what desert I want to make for 
Amanda's dinner tomorrow night! I'm super stoked about it and cannot wait! 

Hopefully tonite I can DJ some awesome glam records I haven't heard in a while and start a little podcast show or somethin...

AGH!!! Gotta get everything together for the burlesque show!! eep! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm thinking about sewing an outfit like this too... mrrroowww
Totally posting this right now because I am an insomniac! I haven't had a good sleep in forevers and I think I'm going to start drawing and listen to my Boyce and Hart 45s. I had a pretty sweet weekend and I am super stoked to start updating my blog with cartoon craziness, music madness (rock n roll and sweet pop!), and my adventures... Somehow I think they are interesting enough to write about.