Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sugar Toothie

I freakin swear the people at the candy shoppe are going to know me like the back of their freakin hand... (trying hard not to cuss these days)... So i think im replacing FUCK with FERK! or EFFIN! OR FREAKIN! 
Had the best weekend ever! I really haven't had a weekend that felt like a vacation in forever. I had band practice with the lovely BAM BAMS. We worked really hard on our set and worked out the kinks to a few new songs and I can't wait to book shows!!! After that me n Ivy Bam Bam (drummer extraordinaire) decided to head over to the Golden West with Mr. SAVAGE! ( have to write his last name in caps... come on with a name like that!!) to see some pretty sweet bands that are local MULTICULT, and some band from NY that i loved (think Black Sabbath on mushrooms with heavy leads!). ooh ooh! before all this though I had a wonderful afternoon date with my girl Ashley. We caught up on elementary school days and realized our lives pretty much mirrored each other in a lot of different ways. It was awesome reconnecting with an old classmate. We had never been close friends but the fact that we can relate to so much of each others lives makes it really awesome and rad.

So.... Saturday was met with a wonderful movie outing to see DOGTOOTH. This film is a DARK comedy about 3 siblings who are homeschooled (and totally fuckin oops! crazy) and live under the delusional reality their parents (especially their dad) have set up for them. It definitely worth going to the movies for. It really reminded me of the same delusion efforts of Haneke, Noe, and the director of Happiness (can't remember off the top of my head).
After the movie a nice neighborhood walk and bubblegum chewing was in order!
Adam and I headed over tot he grocery store where i bought things to prepare an amazing dinner. We stuffed our faces and decided to head out to REACTION! where the lovely Amanda was djing. 
REACTION is a monthly party my favorite female DJ AMANDA OTTO puts on and often hosts the party with a show and/or dance party. I really recommend it to any local looking for a fun time or any out of towner that happens to be in the area on a Friday looking for some heavy garage stompers, psychedelic dreamboat wiggling and giggling. SHE PLAYS THE BEST STUFF!
Later I decided it was time to add to the delusional film quest my mind was seeking and netflix streamed ANTICHRIST. One of the best films I saw this year (i think or last year??) Its by Lars Von Trier and it has had many a controversy surrounding it since it premiered! TOtally amazing and I really can't give anything away about because it  is a must see for yourself!!! Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe are freakin amazing!

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